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This company pulled Buy Now-Discount trick, by getting sale and then NOT! shipping since 5 days back now and still not sent out. Just false UPS numbers sent us, that track nothing at all.

Sent us FALSE! tracking number that is not active for days now and writes us that all is shipped. I bought on Thursday for proper ship on Friday,which it is Tuesday now and i only have FALSE! ship UPS numbers that do not track anything at all. This is OLD eBay trick, to delay people, by sending false postal information to hold people funds,yet sending nothing at all. It is FRAUD !!, Plain and simple FRAUD ! to do this to good honest buyers.

L@@k into this company with Google, under problem companies,Bad service, dis-honorable reputation,complaints are EASY to find about

Service and problems that most companies take care of,without a problem,BUT not this online store. Buyer Beware!! . Get you Card Holder to reverse the sale!!

Buy from, AirRattle, PyramidAir,Or other easy to find when Googling AirSoft companies or other suppliers,PLEASE! do yourself a BIG! favor. Many other companies have the same guns and prices are very close to the same. At least the other companies will contact you back in a timely fashion and help a person in the proper way.

Buyer beware, you might get stuck with expensive broken, poor made gun that they,( will claim is your fault. They have become ? to big? to big headed? and or what I do not know, BUT it if for sure they are doing people WRONG now,and for no reason at all.

I was a great buyer with NO problems,BUT they/Now i get the SHAFT and yet before i did not listen/accept the other bad news online, as real, BUT! now i see the DARK side of there ways.

Poor service, Liers about truly shipping my order out. From reading others notes, they do NOT honer fixing problem guns, nor do they e-mail people back in timely fashion to correct issues in timely fashion, or at all for the customer.

BAD, Dis-Honest company.

Monetary Loss: $350.

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