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I had bought two (2) of the WellFire Full Metal Gearbox VZ61 CQB Scorpion AEG Rifle SMGs from AIRSOFT MEGASTORE for my son's 12th birthday. We went to Patriot Airsoft for there grand opening April 28th. My son's bday was April 29th. So I gave them to him early. I charged the batteries for 24 hours before we went. They cronosed the guns there at 190 fps each! The description said 250-280 FPS, so that was not a good start with these items. Within one (1) hour, the first broke. The stock snapped right off the back & then when my son slapped in the drum mag, the eject button broke in half where the mag makes contact inside the gun. The button popped out. I noticed on the breaks that the metal was an aluminum like metal with bubble holes in it. He used the second one, the exact same thing happened within the first moments of use again. This is an indoor course, and he was next to me the whole time. I witnessed how fragile these were first hand.

I contacted AIRSOFT MEGASTORE with twelve (12) photos of the items & the breaks, and gave the same information to them, and according to them, their policy is if an item is defective they will replace the item with the same gun at NO EXTRA CHARGE or EXTRA POSTAGE. No refunds allowed though.

However, having 2 of these same items, both breaking the same way, and within 1 hour of light usage, I didn't want the same guns for obvious reasons. I had spent $179.90 on the guns & with tax & postage $196 total. After a week of arguing with them of these facts, they finally "waived" the 25% restock fee for "exchanged items " they were going to impose upon me, god bless their kindness, but still subtracted the postage ($9.85 parcel post was on the box I got from them originally but they claimed nearly $16!).

However, I had spent $12.85 return tracked priority postage for the broken items, and they were not refunding me for that they said. Then I got the credit, of only $180! Where did the $16 loss come from? They claim that was postage costs to them! But they only used $9.85 originally! When I mentioned Paypal will refund me 100% with the buyer protection, they got a little nasty with " wont see a refund for several months while they go back and forth with us..."

Anyway, after waiting over 2 WEEKS (not 2-3 business days as claimed), I finally got & used my short changed credit (losing nearly $30 in this awful experience), and would highly advise folks to avoid buying from this AIRSOFT MEGASTORE & especially that item altogether.


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