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I spent three days trying to get Airsoft Megastore to honor their price match guarantee. At one point they told me (verbally) the links they required to the competitor's website "appears to be a differnet color gun".

They were very careful to not actaully put their false denials in writing but rather responded very vaguely in their emails to the point I did not even understand why they were denying the claim and had to call for an explantion. When They finally admitted it was the same gun, the gun was no longer in stock at the competitor's website ( Airsoft GI) only a couple hours later. I then tried it with a slightly different model and made sure my submission was perfect! I waited all day for a response and finally got one in the evening ( I am east coast) that said this gun was also not in stock at Airsoft GI.

It WAS in stock only a few hours earlier and I had called them to confirm it. I am beginning to wonder if these two companies are owned by the same people!! They spent three days using every trick in the book not to have to give me the discount on the price match guarantee. I spoke to a young lady and a guy named Tony.

Both were rude and unsympathetic to a multiple repeat customer! I bought the $500 gun for full price at a third website!

I have spent $2,000 in the last ten months on this hobby.These jerks would rather lose my business than make me a satisfied customer. I am most irritated by their rude attitude and will never trust them again.

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Cheapo. My brother works for GI.

They're not the same owner. Do research first next time?

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